Dr Suhaib Alqudah specializes in Root Canal Treatments, Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Special Interest :
Root Canal Treatments, Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dr Suhaib Alqudah

Dr Alqudah demonstrates high professional standards and optimum clinical and managerial skills

Dr Alqudah was graduated with BDSc (Hons) in 2009, and since then he has demonstrated an outstanding clinical skills and immense interest in all aspects of general dentistry. Dr Alqudah moved to Newcastle-NSW in 2013 where he worked in Newcastle Community Clinic and privately, it is here when he was soon assigned to the principal dentist and acting clinic manager role as a result of his clearly demonstrated high professional standards and optimum clinical and managerial skills.

Suhaib is excellent in root canal treatments, difficult/wisdom teeth extractions, cosmetics and other aspects of general dentistry. Being a parent of two kids, Suhaib has developed excellent behavior and child management techniques, he is well trained and experienced in dealing with young and uncooperative kids and is usually able to treat them by means of good communication.

Dr Alqudah is very well experienced in managing anxious and dental phobic patients and is one of a kind in this discipline; he also treats and is able to successfully manage special needs and elderly patients. In February 2017, Dr Alqudah started his postgraduate training in Oral Medicine at the prestigious Melbourne Dental School, in this area he receives daily training and deals with advanced problems related the skin inside the mouth, ulcers, infections, Jaw joint pain/clicking, and chronic facial pain.

Outside dentistry; Dr Alqudah enjoys spending time with the family, interested in community health and social work. He can freely communicate both in Arabic and English.

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