Hadfield Dental Group employ oral hygienists/therapists for your 6 monthly check up and cleaning appointments.

Oral hygienists/therapists are specially trained in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, by spending time with you, not only gently and thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, but also educating patients on the importance of home maintenance, with regard to correct brushing and flossing techniques, which will be demonstrated to you.

Oral hygienists/therapists are also specially trained in working with children, therefore, any anxieties can be dissolved by their gentle approach in treating children.

Kimberley Smithson Hadfield Dental Group Oral Health Therapist Hygienist Glenroy

Kimberley Smithson

Mrs Kimberley Smithson began her journey in dentistry as a Dental Assistant. After 7 years in that role she decided she wanted to do more which lead to her completing a Bachelor of Oral Health…

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Sepideh Parvaresh Hadfield Dental Group Oral Health Therapist Hygienist Glenroy

Sepideh Parvaresh

Miss Sepideh Parvaresh found her interest in oral dentistry whilst at school, she then went onto complete her Bachelor of Health Science (Oral Health) in 2011 and has been a member of the Hadfield…

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