Veneers are thin shells of porcelain bonded on the front of unsightly teeth.

They are primarily used on slightly chipped teeth, teeth with small gaps between them or discoloured teeth that cannot be lightened with whitening.

It is routinely recommended that people with severe grinding or clenching habits should wear a splint to protect the veneers from damage.

Veneers have excellent long term prognosis as long as oral hygiene is kept at good levels. Call us to find out more.


After Care Tips:

  • You will need to avoid eating anything hard or chewy on the temporary veneer.
  • Try to avoid flossing and toothpicks.
  • If the temporary veneer does come off, give us a call to decipher whether we should re cement it or not.
  • Your gum around the area and the tooth, will be tender and sensitive for a few days following the procedure due to the work we have done on and around the tooth.
  • Once the permanent has been inserted, you will need to avoid flossing and toothpicks for 24 hours, whilst the cement is setting.
  • Certain flossing techniques will need to be followed with, this will be shown to you at the end of your appointment.
  • The cementation will also cause some discomfort at the duration of the appointment and sensitivity can last up to 2 weeks.
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