Restorative dentistry

Dental Bridge Hadfield Dental Group Glenroy

A bridge is a non-removable restoration made to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The steps in preparing and fitting a bridge are similar to those of a crown. The teeth on…

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Dental Crowns Hadfield Dental Group Glenroy

Crowns are restorations created to cover a tooth to protect its remaining structure. They are recommended for teeth which are heavily restored, root canal treated…

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Dentures Hadfield Dental Group Glenroy

Dentures are the cheapest alternative to tooth replacement. Depending on whether the patient has all teeth missing or a few, he/she can have partial or full dentures…

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White Fillings Hadfield Dental Group Glenroy

Fillings are a white composite resin which is placed into the cavity and mimic your natural tooth. Fillings may be slightly traumatic to your teeth, as it has been drilled…

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Dental Implants Hadfield Dental Group Glenroy

Implants are titanium screws placed in the jaw to act as an anchor for the restoration replacing a missing tooth. A restoration is then placed on top of the screw which…

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