Fillings are a white composite resin which is placed into the cavity and mimic your natural tooth.

Fillings may be slightly traumatic to your teeth, as it has been drilled into to remove the decay and prevent further deterioration. Although fillings are a common procedure, the filling material itself can sometimes cause sensitivity. This may last up to 2 weeks.

If you are feeling sensitivity, we recommend using sensitive toothpaste (doesn’t matter what brand). Brushing with it can help but the best option is to dab it on the offending teeth with the sensitive toothpaste, spit out the excess, after brushing at night, and before going to bed, so it can work its magic overnight. Do this for a few consecutive nights until the sensitivity has been resolved.

If after 2 weeks, you are still experiencing sensitivity more investigation may be required by your dentist. However, if the tooth begins to throb and/or is keeping you awake at night, then you will need to come back sooner as it could possibly be that the tooth has or is dying which can cause infection requiring emergency treatment and/or Antibiotics.

Fillings are important to stop further decay and damage to your nerves, contact us to find out more.


After Care Tips


Local anaesthetic :

If your procedure required numbing, you will need to be careful not to bite your lip, cheek or tongue, the numbness can last anywhere from 2 – 8 hours after the appointment, also avoid hot beverages or food.

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