Sleep Dentistry

Dental Sedation Victoria is a professional sleep dentistry service led by Dr Barry Creighton.

We provide dental anaesthesiology care, working with dentists at their practices to provide relief for patients who are anxious or uncomfortable having dental treatment, and who are undergoing procedures they find unpleasant.

Now patients can receive complete professional sleep dentistry care in their own familiar Melbourne metropolitan or country Victorian dental clinic, with the people they know and trust right there with them. Our care means that patients can avoid the need for a general anaesthetic.

Patients experience drowsiness and may sleep lightly, though they can be easily awoken. Usually, patients have no recollection of their treatment afterwards.


Conscious Sedation

– sometimes called “Twilight Anaesthesia” or “Sleep Dentistry” – deals with the management of anxiety through the use of intravenous conscious sedation. In Australia, an extra 24 months of postgraduate training after completion of a degree in dentistry is required in order to practice intravenous conscious sedation.

Dental practices offering “twilight anaesthesia” at their own rooms distinguish themselves from other dental practices. They provide their valued patients with an additional level of care that is safe, gentle and highly professional.

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