Wisdom teeth extraction and oral surgery

Certain procedures require the services of a dentist that specializes in oral surgery.

There are growths that can appear in the mouth which will need the attention of a specialized dentist. Most procedures that require such a dentist are impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are third molars that form later than all other teeth and in some cases can cause severe discomfort to a patient or even alter their bite. In such cases extraction of those wisdom teeth is recommended.

For your convenience, we have an oral surgeon on site, once a month.

Local anaesthetic:

If your procedure required numbing, you will need to be careful not to bite your lip, cheek or tongue, the numbness can last anywhere from 2 – 8 hours after the appointment, also avoid hot beverages or food.

      • Keep the gauze swab in place with pressure for approximately half an hour after leaving the surgery.
      • DO NOT rinse your mouth or spit until the next day.
      • When rinsing the next day, do so extremely gently with luke warm water with added salt or with mouthwash
      • Avoid strenuous exercise and if pain is intense rest with your head raised.
      • Where advised or if pain present, take 2 panadeine tablets immediately after the treatment, then every 4-6 hours as necessary to a maximum of 8 tablets in one day.
      • Avoid hot food/liquids, alcohol and smoking. When numbness is gone choose luke warm liquids and soft foods and chew away from the wound.
      • If bleeding recurs, apply pressure with cotton gauze for approximately half an hour – where significant bleeding continues contact your dentist or your local hospital.
      • The next day and until the wound heals, gently rinse your mouth with luke warm water with added salt, or mouthwash.
      • Please contact us if you have any further concerns.
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